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Finland , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Finland » Culture: History and traditions of saunas in Finnish culture

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Publication date: uesday 20 February 2018

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - "Will you please encourage everyone, give a little extra effort and say ‘sow-nuh’, not ‘saw-nuh’," said Finnish American Heritage Center director Jim Kurtti. "And you don't say ‘saw-nuh’, either. It's ‘sow-nuh ...

News Finland » Culture: Finnish first at special Kalevala Day celebration

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

"Athletics are an important part of Finnish culture, so it will add to the celebration if we have snow for people to enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on Saima Park's beautiful trails," Lorna says. The arts will take the stage in the afternoon ...

News Finland » Culture: Why are those Finnish Olympians knitting?

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

But sometimes you just need to relax and knit, even if you're about see if you can win a medal in snowboarding. It seems the Finnish Olympians have taken this idea to heart because they're constantly knitting — and Olympic viewers are noticing.

News Finland » Culture: The Latest: Canada beats Finland 4-1 in women's hockey

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

Finland came to the Olympics third in the world ... 6:45 p.m. They were born in America, but members of Nigeria's first-ever bobsled team say they're representing the culture they were raised in. For these first-generation immigrants, their African ...

News Finland » Culture: What Finland Can Teach the West About Countering Russia’s Hybrid Threats

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

excellent education system and even the saunas that are beloved in Finnish culture. Officials are adamant that, as ever, the entire population must join together in rebuffing Moscow’s disinformation offensive. “We are very openly discussing these ...

News Finland » Culture: The venture capitalist making Olympic dreams come true

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Publication date: Saturday 24 February 2018

He soon upped sticks and moved permanently to Finland so he could be near some of the world's ... 34 and Madrazo 43), he has now set his sights on cultivating a winter sports culture in "smaller, exotic countries" by investing in the youth.

News Finland » Culture: Expert says culture & legal loopholes behind America's gun carnage

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

"Countries like Switzerland, Finland and Norway, the guns that are usually purchased ... "Switzerland, for example, is one of those countries I would call a 'highly civilised gun culture'. It generally involves gun ownership by people who are doing ...

News Finland » Culture: (Olympics) S. Korea braces for do-or-die men's hockey match vs. Finland

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

GANGNEUNG, South Korea, Feb. 19 (Yonhap) -- After losing all three preliminary games in men's hockey at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, South Korea will now face a do-or-die match against Finland in the qualification playoffs, with a quarterfinal berth at ...

News Finland » Culture: Moomin sparks bizarre diplomatic row between Japan and Finland

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

The café serves Finnish rye and traditional pasties to respect the “Moomin culture”. A Moomin theme park is scheduled to be opened in Japan in stages between 2018 and 2019.

News Finland » Culture: Feature: Finnish pork on Chinese tables lends hope to local industry

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Finnish meat producer Atria ... "Everything from the Chinese food culture we need to understand, so that our products are suitable for that kitchen," Grohn told Xinhua. Grohn said the company has just launched new departments in the Seinajoki plant ...